Engage your audience with TVBridge

tv bridge

TVBridge – an end to end system to create, consume and distribute augmented content. No need for digital television or set top boxes.

How does TVBridge work?

The TVBridge authoring tool lets an editor create bridgets that link a selected segment in a TV program to web content such as text, images, animations, videos, URLs etc.) that viewers can view with an app.

The TVBridge app alerts viewers that bridgets are available when the TV program reaches the interesting point selected by the editor.
Users can easily share the bridgets they like on their social networks.

How can you use bridgets?

  • Follow up to product placement
  • User centric advertising
  • User-selectable ads of products

More info
  • Related info on news
  • Links to related web pages

  • Tour of a location in a travel program
  • Videos/images/3D of specific spots

  • Access to multilanguage
  • Commentator tracks to a program
  • Subscription-based bridgets
  • And more!

TVBridge is the future

A successful television business demands a constantly engaged audience. In the face of mounting competition from old and new sectors, TV programs should be designed to answer curiosity, and desire for better entertainment and more information.

Today you have a new tool – TVBridge – to engage your viewers: let them interact with your programs and dig further in the information provided on the same or another screen.

In a football match a player is performing well. Let your viewers learn more about him

Education programs are about triggering curiosity. Let your viewers explore what interests them

A singer is standing out in a talent show. Let your viewers discover background, successes, concerts…

In a TV quiz questions are challenging. Let your viewers know more about possible answers

A politician is taking a stance on an issue. Let your viewers check what he said in the past about it

Commercial are about triggering interest. Let your viewers know more or even buy.


TVBridge, the solution powering your imagination!


  • Choose the program you want to add additional content to
  • Locate the points where you want to show additional content
  • Connect additional content to the main program through bridgets

Save bridgets and additional content to a web server

Your viewers

  • Turn on TV and launch the TVBridge app on their second screen
  • TVBridge recognises the broadcast program (audio fingerprinting)
  • TVBridge displays the additional content viewers can navigate

Bridgets get viral through sharing on social network 

A systems view

  • Use TVBridge for recorded and live programs

  • Engage your viewers

  • Raise your program’s approval rate

  • Extend your audience beyond your traditional reach

  • Use social networks to propagate TV experience into your viewers' environments

Ready to engage with your audience in new ways?

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